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Tribute to trieste and tribute to milano

Introducing the Italian Duo, two new limited edition coffees from Nespresso: Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Trieste. With their intense, sophisticated characters you’ll be reminded of the street cafes and coffee ports of Italy. Taste them for yourself at the Nespresso Boutique. Trieste: The inspiration behind Trieste is a tribute to the historical and bustling coffee port – known across the country as a hugely important passage in the coffee route supplying coffee to Vienna. This coffee is made up of a careful blend of Arabicas from Peru and Colombia which bring structure and integrity, whilst Brazilian Arabicas add strength without bitterness. Milano: The inspiration for Milano is taken from the stylish city of Milan, its vibrant yet dignified character is reflected in this tribute to one of Italy’s most elegant cities. A highly aromatic blend of mild Arabicas from Costa Rica, Colombia and India create a round elegance, strengthened with a touch of highly refined Guatemalan robusta.


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