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THE BIG BOOM POP ICONS BRUNCH in partnership with Kahlua

You know those songs that you just HAVE to sing the lyrics too? The anthems that turn strangers into best friends. From Bieber to Beyonce, Madonna to Miley, H Styles to T Swift, we’ll be playing them all. And even more iconic, every booking during these months also includes a shot of Baby Guinness. Siri, play Shots by LMFAO.



Our DJ’s always bring the good times, no matter the theme. We’re changing up our brunch sessions every 6 weeks so you can keep coming back for more. What’s coming up?

6th April – 11th May – POP ICONS in partnership with Kahlúa
18th May – 29th June – Hip-Hop vs. Dancehall in partnership with Kahlúa

SPECIAL DATES – TAYLOR SWIFT in partnership with Malibu
Saturday June 22nd & Sunday 23rd – Oxford St
Saturday June 15th – Cardiff & Liverpool
Saturday June 8th – Edinburgh


6th July – 10th Aug – FESTIVAL VIBES in partnership with BACARDÍ
17th Aug – 28th Sept – R&B vs. Hip-Hop in partnership with BACARDÍ



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