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Self-Care for Autumn

As the leaves fall and the air grows crisper, join us for a rejuvenating journey into the heart of autumn’s beauty and serenity. Our Autumnal Yoga Self-Care Session is designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul during this season of change and transformation.

We will start with some soothing self-massage using lavender infused organic jojoba oil. Focusing on parts of the body that tend to tighten when we are feeling tired and stressed like the face, neck and shoulders. After we have melted some of the tension away from the body, we will transition into Autumnal-themed Yin Yoga – a serene and reflective practice that aligns with the changing rhythms of the season.

Embrace the stillness and slowing down that comes with the season, as you sink into poses designed to release tension and restore energy. Our practice will end with a Restorative Yoga cocoon where we aim to make the body as comfortable as it can be so that the mind cannot resist the relaxation. Think cosy blankets and bolsters!

After connecting to the body and mind – we will take a moment to reflect on the good things in our life with a seasonal gratitude ritual involving some journaling and intention-setting for the year ahead.

The session will end with a candlelit Metta Bhanava (loving-kindness) meditation to cultivate compassion and inner peace. After our practice, we’ll come together for warm herbal teas, spiced chai, and cosy conversations. Connect with fellow participants and enjoy the warmth of community.



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