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Get Upside Down- Journey towards headstands

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner who wants to refine and elevate your headstand (sirsasana) practice, or someone new to yoga who wants to learn how to safely practice headstand in a sustainable way, this 75 minute workshop is for you.

Mastering the headstand requires no great strength! It is largely a matter of conquering fear and understanding the mechanics behind the pose. Headstand is known as the king of all asanas and with good reason. This is a foundational inversion that once understood will help unlock confidence in getting upside down and give you a myriad of health benefits .

This 75 minute workshop includes:

  • Work with key muscles we need to ‘switch on’ for headstand
  • Work with key alignment points which ensure we get the benefits from the pose and prevent injury
  • Drills and techniques for building deep strength, stability and balance
  • Breakdown of the pose -safe practice
  • Intentional strengthening and lengthening Vinyasa Flow to prepare the body for the headstand

Whether you are a complete beginner to inversions or looking to advance your headstand practice, this workshop will be tailored to your practice!

Expect:Gaining confidence in your headstandsLearning new skillsUnderstand the technique behind headstandsHave fun on the mat!

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