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Your 2018 sunglasses guide

We’ve rounded up the most stylish sunglasses at Victoria to help you up your eyewear game instantly, from time-honoured classics to trendsetting newcomers. As summer’s finally here (and hopefull here to stay), it’s time to set your sights on a new pair of shades that not only shield your peepers, but look the part too.

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A perfect fit for the 50p jaw set, round sunglasses are a must for square faces. Thanks to the curve of their frames, round styles tend to soften angular face shapes, giving a sense of contrast to those blessed with cheese-grater bone structure. With a raft of options available (round styles have been a firm favourite since the invention of eyewear), you can choose from a trendproof pair – somewhere between oval and round – or nod to ‘60s style icons like John Lennon with some perfectly circular specs. Our pick: Polo Ralph Lauren, PH4110 50, £114, John Lewis

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Face more James Corden than John Cena? Opt for a pair of square frames, which offer clean lines to help add structure and definition to a round face. Almost as popular as round styles, square frames range in style from subtle to statement-making (think Arnie’s mean Gargoyles Inc. sunnies in Terminator). Our tip? Choose a pair with lenses that are slightly narrower and curved at the bottom, flanked by frames in a timeless colourway such as black, brown or tortoiseshell. (Unless of course you fancy yourself as an ‘80s action hero; in which case go wild!) Our pick: Square rectangular sunglasses, £45, French Connection

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Like chinos and T-shirts, aviators got their start in the military before breaking ranks into our wardrobes. Sported by the US Air Corps and Navy alike, these high-flying frames are your first line of defence against sun damage; their ample size effectively shielding your eyes – and the skin around them – from UV rays. A smart fit for square and heart (wide at the top, narrow at the bottom) face shapes, aviators are the ultimate accessory for guys whose style nods to army surplus or ‘70s-inspired swag. For an of-the-moment finish inspired by Rocky Balboa, try a pair with mirrored lenses. Our pick: Persol PO0714 aviator-style sunglasses, £196, Harvey Nichols

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A good set of brows frame your face, adding polish and knocking off years – or you can cheat it with a pair of semi-rimless sunglasses. Despite the heft they add up top, semi-rimless styles are light and minimalist down below, which gives them an air of elegance that’s well suited to modern-day The Talented Mr Ripley types, even more so if your face is square – or oval-shaped. Our pick: Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3716, £145, Harvey Nichols

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Square, yet slightly rounded, the original Wayfarers have been celebrated for their versatility since the 1950s, when they were first unveiled by Ray-Ban designer Raymond Stegeman. Since then, their unique mix of look-twice impact and easy wearability has won them a legion of high-profile fans including John F Kennedy and David Beckham. It’s not hard to see why either: their flattering shape is a fit for pretty much any face. Want to stand out this summer? Try a pair of coloured frames for a contemporary twist on an all-time classic. Our pick: Ray-Ban RB2132 52, New Wayfarer, £100, Shade Station All products are subject to availability


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