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Why Buy Roses in February?

The red rose is the quintessential symbol of romance: synonymous with passion; a beacon of love. Think of Valentine’s Day and – without doubt – you think of a rose.

For Valentine’s Day 2024, Mulberry have partnered with SSAW Collective on their annual campaign asking ‘Why buy Roses in February?’, showcasing the environmental impact of importing out-of-season flowers and highlighting the importance of taking a more seasonal and ethical approach to buying and gifting flowers.

A community of chefs, growers and florists seeking to make positive changes in our food and floral systems, SSAW Collective advocate for transparent sourcing practices and the use of seasonal produce, promoting more considered ways of working which have the capacity to make positive ecological progress in their respective industries.


The conditions for roses to grow all year round do not exist, not least in the UK, and so – as a result of the teeming demand – 8 million roses are imported into the UK every year during the Valentine’s period. These 570 tonnes of flowers are sourced mainly from the Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia, creating huge carbon emissions, as well as high energy, water and pesticide usage.

SSAW Collective’s commitment to traceability mirrors Mulberry’s own approach to sustainable practice, with transparency in our supply chain – from farm to factory to shop floor – being at the heart of our Made to Last Manifesto. The flowers pictured in our campaign are in-season alternatives, ethically sourced by SSAW Collective.

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