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Mother’s Day with Yoga Kula

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Yoga Kula!

 A Mother’s Day Yoga class to celebrate gratitude and our journey in life and the important relationships within it.

Pause to connect to our hearts and bring attention to cultivating gratitude that stems from our hearts and how it helps us to embrace life with love and light.

Feel free to enjoy this session solo or come with someone you are grateful is part of your life such as a family member or friend.

This class is a gentle vinyasa flow class, including elements of mudra and breath-work. The class will start with a short meditation and intention setting. In this flow, we move with softness and compassion and take time to notice our breath and the energy we generate. We complete our yoga practice with a luxurious rest enjoying a relaxing lavender scent.


* Gentle Vinyasa Flow

* Mudra for gratitude

* Gratitude meditation

* Hand massage by Neal’s Yard Remedies

* Gratitude Goodie bag

* Chocolate

* Tea



* indicates required