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We heart #inreallife. Victoria leeds

Whether you’re parking up early and shopping at Victoria Leeds, or taking advantage of our late-night opening times and restaurants, we can all agree on one thing: In Real Life is fun. Think new-season clothes that make your heart beat faster, in iconic surroundings that make us look up – not down at a phone screen.  So why In Real Life? Why should you swap your slippers for shoes and join us in Victoria Leeds. Shopping online and filling our virtual baskets doesn’t fill us with excitement like it does In Real Life.  In Real Life you can browse to your heart’s content, not ‘til your battery dies.  In Real Life you can whisk that dream dress to the changing room (three sizes, you never know which will fit). You love it. In the bag, not your letterbox. Sometimes a little face time is better than FaceTime. In Real Life you can stroke and touch. You can try before you sigh. You can walk in, strut out.  In Real Life you can sip, share and savour. Glasses can be clinked; dough balls can be (double) dipped. In Real Life old friends meet new friends. Ten-minute catch-ups make way for nostalgic recollections that last for hours. That’s why we Heart #InRealLife And we think you will too. See you soon!


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