Red Bear Jewellery

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When I left school at the age of 16, I worked for several years in the jewellery department of a local store. It was here that I gained an interest in jewellery and knowledge of the retail jewellery trade. My love of crystals developed many years later when I was attracted by their natural beauty and fascinated by their intrinsic energies. This was linked with a growing interest in meditation and alternative therapies such as Reiki. When I was idly browsing a small beading shop in Leeds back in 2003, I found my fingers itching to 'have a go' at making some earrings. I have always had a creative drive and up to that point it had been satisfied by photography and painting. Here was a new creative challenge! Later I was introduced to a supplier of gemstones and jewellery findings and Red Bear Jewellery was conceived. Apart from a few basic instructions on how to use some jewelling tools, I am basically self-taught, mostly using my own methods and occasionally referring to textbooks. My first collection went on sale at a friend's gallery in Wakefield and then I started to do small craft fairs and now stand at events regularly from March through to Christmas. I also have my website, which makes shopping for a piece of Red Bear Jewellery very easy. My aim is making my jewellery to the highest standards and backing this up with first class customer service and after care. Every item I sell comes with a 12 month guarantee of quality. I still hand select the stones for each of the pieces in my quality silver plated range, ensuring good colour matching for such as earrings and sets. I also have a range of Pearls and Beaded sets which I design and make myself. Last and certainly not least in addition to the range I make myself, I also have a range of beautiful silver and gemstone pieces that I have special selected from quality jewellery designers and manufacturers. I am happy to make adjustments, where possible, to any jewellery item and take orders for special pieces. Some of the designs can also be made using different gemstones, please enquire. 2019, my 15th year of trading and I am very excited to be opening my first Pop-Up shop in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds, where I will be until the end of December.