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01/02 - 31/10

7 Decades 7 icons

In 2019 GANT celebrates 70 years of innovation, inspiration and learning. Seven decades that shaped modern American sportswear and created seven icons.

From 7th until 14th every month until October, GANT will offer double points on their loyalty program for each icon product bought. Their loyalty program offers multiple benefits including free delivery, early access to events and more.

The story begins in 1949....

The Button Down Shirt is the first of our Seven Icons. Introduced by our founder in 1949, a closet has never been complete without one.

This style was originally designed to keep the collar points from flapping in the face during sporting activities. It was initially introduced into the American market on a small scale - in the 40’s the only way to acquire a Button-Down Shirt was by custom-ordering one at a specialty store. GANT was the first brand to offer Button-Down Shirts to the broader American market. In 1949 GANT released a small collection consisting of only single-colored and striped Button-Down Shirts.

Over time, GANT has patented three innovative features: the locker loop, the boxpleat, and the back-collar button. The locker loop on the back of the shirt was designed to hang the shirt from, to keep it wrinkle-free in the locker room. It even became a part of East Coast university dating culture. A guy would remove his loop when he was going steady with a girl, and she, in return, would wear his scarf. The boxpleat at the back of the shirt gives the wearer greater freedom of movement. The back-collar button keeps the tie in place and prevents the collar from riding up.

At the same time that they were perfecting the men’s shirt, GANT noticed that it was not only men who coveted their clothing. Inspired by the number of women who were borrowing their boyfriends’ and husbands’ shirts, they realized that both genders appreciated premium American Sportswear. GANT launched their women’s shirts with the slogan: "For women, GANT makes shirts, not blouses." GANT’s shirts quickly became the go-to shirt of the students of the elite universities on the American East Coast.

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