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01/02 - 31/10

7 Decades 7 icons

In 2019 GANT celebrates 70 years of innovation, inspiration and learning. Seven decades that shaped modern American sportswear and created seven icons.

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From 7th until 14th every month until October, GANT will offer double points on their loyalty program for each icon product bought. Their loyalty program offers multiple benefits including free delivery, early access to events and more.

The story begins in 1949....

1990s - The Heavy Rugger

The Heavy Rugger is not just a good sport. It’s a go-to piece of weekend wear. 

The name comes from Rugby School, which is one of the oldest independent schools in England, located in a town which is also called Rugby in the county of Warwickshire.

Legend has it that, in 1823, the school was playing a game of football (or soccer) when a student, William Webb Ellis, caught the ball in his arms and decided to run with it. A new sport was born. At the time, football or soccer players wore shirts that had vertical stripes so this new sport, which was given the name of the school where it started, was played in shirts with horizontal stripes. 

GANT was the first brand to transfer this type of garment from the field of sport to the field of fashion, with the now iconic Heavy Rugger, instantly recognizable thanks to its broad, colorful stripes. 

Today, whether you’re on the field or not, the shirt always proves itself a winner.

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