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01/02 - 31/10

7 Decades 7 icons

In 2019 GANT celebrates 70 years of innovation, inspiration and learning. Seven decades that shaped modern American sportswear and created seven icons.

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The story begins in 1949....

1980s - The Piqué

The Piqué is a game changer of a shirt that began life on the tennis court more than 90 years ago, when a French player created the design and then went on to win the U.S. Open while wearing it. The world took notice. Today, the shirt’s ace aesthetic and breathable, knit piqué material serve all those who wear it well, whether on the court or off it. No matter how you style it — paired with jeans or chinos or athletic gear, buttoned up or left open, with the collar popped or kept down — it’s always a winner.

What sets it apart from other shirts are five key points: the breathable and durable cotton material; a soft collar; the way that the collar can be turned up to shield the back of the neck from sunburn; the short sleeves; and the so-called “tennis tail” which is longer at the back to prevent it from pulling out of the wearer’s trousers or shorts, no matter how much they dash about.

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