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What not to buy for Mother’s Day…

From crayon drawings to sticky collages – whose heart doesn’t melt when presented with a homemade Mother’s Day card? Presents, on the other hand, are a minefield. If you’re not careful they can say far more than just ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ Here three mummy bloggers share with us the Mother’s Day presents they’re still desperately trying to forget…

Don’t judge a book…
It was beautifully wrapped: hard edges, silver paper, a cute little bow adorned the sign that read, Dear Mummy. It looked like a book, I really like books – a love of reading is something the kids and I share.
It was a book, six in fact, encased in a hard binder. Weight Watchers Recipe Guides – designed to make you slim. I didn’t know I was fat! Perhaps I shouldn’t let my ex-husband take them out shopping…

Perfect present: This year, I don’t want to think about cooking or dieting, I want candles, strongly scented to make my home smell as it should.

Try: Jenny Packham for Neom Happiness Candle, £80, Neom.

Purple pain
One year my children excitedly handed me a present. It was so obviously chosen and given with love, I felt a bit teary. Then I saw them. The sparkliest, purplest, heart-shaped earrings you’ve ever seen. Pat Butcher: eat your heart out! Obviously I ‘loved’ them. I ‘loved’ them so much that I was nervous to wear them out of the house. What if I were to lose one? I’d have been heart-broken. The children were having none of it. I have to wear them. Most days. At least in the house. When I go out without the kids, I must confess to taking them off as soon as I’m out of the door!

Perfect present: I’d like to spend Mother’s Day with my family.  We could take a trip to the cinema and then have lunch together.

Try: For a family dinner, head to Cau.

To dry for
I have two sons and Mother’s Day has always been a bit hit and miss. Some years they both remember and get me the most thoughtful presents and other years, well, they just forget and don’t get anything. One year I received not one, but TWO tea towels. Why? I don’t know. I guess I just got lucky.  It was very handy, but not a whole lot of fun.

Perfect present: Some pampering please! Maybe a voucher to get my nails painted. And you can never go wrong with a big bar of chocolate.

Try: Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, from £13.95, Charbonnel et Walker.

Neom Jenny Packham Candle Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles Mother's Day

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