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The best makeup and skin care tips for oily skin

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Finding the best makeup for oily skin can be a nightmare (as can ensuring your face remains shine free). We’ve sourced the best oily skin beauty buys from Victoria Leeds that your complexion will thank you for: the matte foundation; the oily skin primer and the setting powder. Plus, our simple skin care tips will ensure your makeup base stays put all day.  

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For your foundation to have staying power, you need to give it a helping hand with an oil-controlling primer. Their prime (excuse the pun) function is to keep pesky excess sebum at bay, meaning your foundation is less likely to slide off and disappear before lunchtime. Face primers also minimise the appearance of large pores (something which goes hand in hand with oily skin). Once you’ve applied a light, non-comedogenic moisturiser, apply a small amount of primer in a gentle, circular motion with your hands – paying particular attention to your T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin). This primer from NARS guarantees you a matte complexion, working throughout the day to keep your makeup in place, minimising pores and controlling shine. And thanks to active ingredients such as African whitewood and oleanolic acid, it helps balance your skin long term too. Our pick: NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer, £27, Harvey Nichols

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First up, don’t ever buy your foundation online. It’s imperative you find the perfect shade for your complexion. This isn’t something you can do via a smartphone screen, people! Get yourself to Victoria Leeds and head to the beauty counters at SpaceNK. The beauty experts will be able to help you find a shade that’s bang on for your skin tone. Or if you’re looking for a vegan foundation, then check out this Charlotte Tilbury offering.  You want to ensure a matte, shine-free complexion but you don’t want to look completely caked with dull skin. Thankfully, there are so many amazing formulas out there now that you’ll be able to enjoy full coverage all day while still having a multi-dimensional finish to your face.  Apply the foundation using a makeup blender – one that has a pointed end is ideal, as you have more control over application. Just remember to always give your blender a good clean after use – if not, it’ll be harbouring germs and oil that you’ll then be sweeping over your face every morning. Not nice, we know.  One for all you selfie lovers! This Laura Mercier foundation gives you an amazingly smooth and matte, photo-ready finish, making you ready for your close-up. It’s easy to blend, doesn’t feel heavy on your skin but still has serious staying power.  Our pick: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil-Free Photo Edition Foundation, £35, SpaceNK

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To ensure your base is long lasting, and your T-zone stays matte, you need to set it. There are two types of setting powder: loose and pressed. We’re recommending you opt for the loose formulas as they’re more lightweight and (sometimes) translucent so your face won’t look flat and caked.  Heads up: loose setting powders are messier to apply than pressed, so invest in a large head fluffy powder brush. This will allow you to sweep a fine dusting over your face rather than over your outfit/carpet/your nearby cat. Concentrate on the T-zone rather than all over to ensure it’s completely undetectable.  Keep that shine in check with this loose powder from Hourglass. It’ll set your makeup while minimising the look of large pores and disguising imperfections. Lightweight enough to ensure your skin doesn’t look caked, it’s available in one, universal translucent shade.  Our pick: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder, £42, SpaceNK 


And if you fancy some great hands-on expert advice, be sure to check out the new Beauty Studio in John Lewis. It has some great masterclasses, from a free 20-minute session to a one-hour beauty makeover for £35 (redeemable against product purchases). Just visit the Studio to book.