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Reinvent your late-night Christmas shop

Victoria Leeda
Make the most of those late-night opening hours and shake up your Christmas shopping trip this year. It's time to get the girls together and shop-til-you drop before a night of mini makeovers, dinner and cocktails. Here's how to reinvent your yearly festive spree:

1. Babysitter: wanted
We know you love your sweet little darlings, but you’d have to be a saint to not need some time out every now and then. Pack them a bag stuffed with their favourite toys and ship them off to your sister’s/your babysitter’s house for the evening. Then, dash home to freshen up a little before rounding up the gang for a girls’ night out.

2. Time to shop
Now the kids are sorted and you’ve got your girls, make your way to Victoria to tackle this year’s Christmas shopping list. With everything from slippers for Grandad to the latest hi-tech watch for your brother (here’s hoping he gets you more than a bath bomb this year), you can easily make a dent in that never-ending list in one night. But remember, tonight is about you too so why not check if there’s an event going on?

Don’t forget to save the date for our glamorous game show ‘If the shoe fits’ with hundreds of designer shoes up for grabs happening on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November at Victoria Centre.

3. Mascara at the ready
Victoria isn’t just for shopping – now that you’ve picked up those must-have presents, it’s time to make the most of our beauty counters and treat yourself to a little makeover. Stop off at Harvey Nichols, John Lewis or Illamasqua and try some of this season’s boldest beauty looks, from ombré lips to wow brows. Are you brave enough for glitter? You could even pop by Liz Earle for a massage!

4. Choose your next move
You’re all glammed up and feeling fabulous, so it’s time to decide where your night goes next. Feeling peckish after all that shopping? Make a beeline for our restaurants. Whether you’re a East 59th fan or you prefer Buenos Aires cuisine from Cau, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our selection of delicious eateries. Or, you could always test your luck and head to the Victoria Gate casino for a game or two.

5. Bottoms up!
Christmas shopping done, festive makeover complete and suitably full of delicious food, it’s time to finish your night with a cocktail in hand. Let’s face it, it’s probably been ages since you’ve got the gang together so this is the perfect excuse for a good catch-up. Grab a table at Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Café and spend your last hour reminiscing about the good times (before kids/work/life took over!).

Now you can head home, shopping bags in tow, smug in the knowledge you’ve turned your annual festive shop into a night with the girls. And seeing as you’ve now certainly got plenty of ideas for what you want to unwrap on Christmas morning, don’t forget to drop plenty of hints to your other half as soon as you walk through the door…

To help you with your girls’ night out planning, you can find our late-night openings hours here.

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