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The new Wholehearted collection from Links Of London is a celebration of love, in all its myriad forms. Combining simplicity with considered details, minimalism with symbolism, the Wholehearted collection is as contemporary as it is enduring, as meaningful as it is stylish. 

Taking inspiration from the way love adds meaning and inspiration to our lives and the way it motivates us to seek more, do more and be more, Wholehearted is a tribute to living and loving with a whole heart. It’s devoted to details and hidden meanings that add a new dimension to your experiences no matter who or what has captured your love. 

Eclectic and bold, Wholehearted comprises of multiple, interconnecting styles, ‘Open Heart,’ ‘Diamond Heart’ and ‘Endless Love.’ Each piece evokes the ultimate symbolism of love, featuring a distinctive heart design whose meaning evolves with each style. Endlessly versatile, the beauty of Wholehearted’s variety is that it can be layered in infinite combinations. Leaving you free to choose how to express your individuality.

Links of London - New Wholehearted Collection in store now

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