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5 trends for beautiful eyes

This season it's all about mesmerising eye makeup. Make sure your peepers are your best feature with a slick of eyeliner and some perfectly-placed eyeshadow. Want to know which new eye makeup trend is right for you? Read on…

Eye liner

Glow for it (top left)
If you’re always rushed in the mornings, this is for you. Add a wash of shadow in a similar shade to your skin tone and blend from your lids to your brow bone. Then curl your lashes and add two coats of lengthening mascara like Charlotte Tilbury, Full Fat Lash Mascara, £23, John Lewis, for an ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look.
Is it right for me? This look suits everyone, but if you want to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, just line the inner rim of your lower lashes with white or nude-coloured kohl.

No wings (top centre)
We know you’ve spent years perfecting that cat-eye flick, but this season you’ll have to park that talent. Instead, reach for a smudgy kohl like MAC Eye Kohl, from £14.50, Harvey Nichols, to line your upper and lower lashes and gently soften the line with a cotton bud for a beautiful, doe-eyed look. Easy peasy.
Is it right for me? Most people can carry off this look. If you’ve got small eyes use eye shadow to give them more depth and definition before you add the kohl. Light-coloured eyes suit grey or brown eyeliner rather than black, for a less dramatic look.

Smudged and smoked (top right)
This one demands you get your gloss on. Try a wash of shiny shadow like Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss £30.50, Space NK on your lids, or mix your usual shadow with a slick of Vaseline.
Is it right for me? Low maintenance types might not enjoy constantly checking the mirror to ensure this sticky trend is still in place. But just adapt it – the level of shimmer can vary from a delicate sheen to a full-on, catwalk-esque wet-look.

Eye liner 

Rainbow revival
Who says eyeliner needs to be dark? Brighten up dreary days with a fabulous jewel tone that will cheer you up whenever you look in the mirror.
Is it right for me? Choose complementary shades that will enhance your eye colour. Green eyes look fabulous with a pop of violet, plum, bright pink or burgundy. Blue eyes dazzle in copper, gold or terracotta hues. Brown eyes can carry off most bright eyeliners, but look especially striking with a flash of cobalt blue. Grey eyes max up the mystery in purple, silver and gold, while lucky hazel-eyed types can wear pretty much anything. Illamasqua does a great selection of coloured eyeliners. Try its Quixotic Shimmery in Emerald Green, £20.

All that glitters
The catwalk sparkled with fabulously frosted eyes, lined with flecks of glitter under the eye or near the brow bone. As with all eye makeup, be mindful of the expiry dates, so if you’re still using that glitter liner from the 70s then now is the time to treat yourself to some brand new products.
Is it right for me? Glitter looks fun on every eye shape, but those with smaller eyes might prefer to use a shimmering iridescent eye shadow on their lids and inner corner of their eyes, with a slick of liner in a darker colour on their upper lash line and in the outer corners of their lower lash line. Try Urban Decay, Heavy Metal Glitter, £15, John Lewis. 

Eye liner

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