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03/10 - 24/10

Express Pilates

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Sweaty Betty & Embody Pilates
Pilates Express - No Sweat
Every Thursday 3 Oct - 24 Oct 12:15pm - 1:00pm

Shake off the effects of sitting at your desk all week and get ready to feel fabulous! 

Posture Matters - We work on the mat, through a series of Pilates exercises, to help get rid of shoulder, back or neck aches and pains. Some strengthening work for the back muscles, abdominals and exercises to open out your hips. A good stretch of those muscles that become tight and tired from sitting for too long. 

Return to work feeling relaxed, focused and knowing you've worked hard without being full of sweat! 

£8.50 drop in (45 minutes)
£30 to secure your place for the 4 weeks. 

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